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We make buildings intelligent

Welcome to SimVitee. We will launch our official website soon and you can find our products, services, events and projects here. For now, you can check out our page to see what we are up to and subscribe to our community in which we won’t spam you (don’t worry) but we will send awesome contents our projects and products in tech and gadget land.


About Us

Our Story

SimVitee is established in 2014 with specialist in sales, marketing, concept development,  IT-project managent, software engineering and programming. We found that the market in IT should evolve and we started looking at new technologies in hardware that are not too commonly used. We ought that as a waste of talent and it is keeping the world from integrating these technologies in human lives and settings to increase the experiences with technology.

SimVitee focusses on new technological concepts and embed these in accesible usability solutions for efficiënt and effective activities, especially in industrial environments.

What we do

Our services are related to technological aspects in branches

Our platform

This is our first in-House software product. With a special technique, we give insights in real-estate environment metrics which will help you to improve your decision making and marketing tactics. This product is suitable for production plants, luxury leisure, big scale retail and commercial estates.

Industrial software applications

We know that in the industries software can be a real help or a real tool to slower your effectiveness and efficiency for the company and the employees. SimVitee creates industrial solutions to optimise workflows and intelligence in these settings.

Application marketing

We all want apps, don’t we? Apps are a great way to expand your business processes and products. But what about the use? what about the download rate? At SimVitee, we build your apps (cross platform of course) and we think with you what the best ways are to launch this app and to stabilise your user-growth rate.


We do research and our noses are everywhere. Our research produces itself into white papers and visiting events.
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